Back to School

 1.8 million school children 
 Over 20,000 schools in India 
 A hot and nourishing meal daily - Monday to Saturday 

After a long gap of over 2 years, India’s children have returned to schools this academic year. Hunger in the classroom affects a child's learning and performance directly. To move them a step towards learning foundational skills, The Akshaya Patra Foundation feeds them nutritious meals that they look forward to every single day. 

For most children, this is one guaranteed meal in the day. This mid-day meal improves the student's attendance at school, the student's performance, the student's physical & emotional well-being and the overall cognitive growth. The food service is the world's largest mid-day food service which has improved enrolment in schools, reduced school dropout rates and improved social equality. 

Akshaya Patra UK - Back to School

In response to the unprecedented crisis created in the field of education due to school closures, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Akshaya Patra offered emergency food and educational kits to children at home. As they return now to schools, we have resumed the mid-day meal scheme in full swing. We need your support to ensure that our food delivery vans don't stop

 £15 can feed a student in India for one school year 

The major contributing factor to reduced learning capabilities in children is directly impacted by health and nutrition. Evidence in India has shown that food insecurity during childhood reduces reading capability and numeracy scores while resulting in depleting short-term memory. Mid-day meals are a great incentive to bring children back to school and a means to keep their nutritional levels in check. Nutritious meals help children concentrate in class and help eliminate classroom hunger. 

- Akshaya Patra UK


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